What Is An Angel Number ? – A Comprehensive Guide

Updated on December 6, 2022

Have you ever seen recurring numbers frequently? It is like when you look at the clock it is exactly 3:33 or you are walking on the road and you see 111. You would be interested in why this is recurringly happening. Why is it happening to you? Is it some sort of sign? These questions would be popping up in your mind. Well guys these series of repeating numbers are what the numerologists call the “Angel Numbers”.

If you are one of those people who believe in numerology, you must be keen to find the answer. These numbers hold a spiritual significance among many people. To some they are a message from the divine and others see them as good luck. But what actually are these numbers and how they can affect one’s life? If you believe these numbers are signs of something magical to happen, then stay with us and find out their meaning and what your angel number is.

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What Is An Angel Number

According to the study of numbers, angel numbers are a repetitive sequence of three to four exact numbers or numeral patterns. These numbers represent divine signs that something good is about to happen in your life. These numbers can appear anywhere does not needs to be in a specific place. Like you are walking the road and see a sign with “555”, or you get your coffee receipt with the exact payment amount of “$7.77”. These types of events grasp our attention.

It is more like symbolism, that your guardian angel might be guiding you to something good. These numbers among different people can be associated with different things, for some these can be connected to their ancestors, for some they are signs from God. Well, every person has their own belief. These numbers mostly represent that either something good is about to happen or you are on the right path. Some take them as mystical or magical guidance of life.

Ancient History

Well either we believe it or not, but this hype about angle numbers is not new. The concept has been among the people since ancient times. We have all heard of the famous Greek Philosopher Pythagoras who was a genius mathematician. He not only invented distinguished quantitative solutions but he also believed that the real world revolves around the vibrations of numbers.

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After the theory of Pythagoras, a few thousand years later, the author Doreen Virtue in the early 2000s also published a book about the “Angel Numbers”. In that book, the author also talked about the mysteries of angel numbers. How do these mystical signs work to transform one’s life into something beautiful? With the passage of time, the concept of Angel Numbers has acquired a huge space in the metaphysical world and people’s beliefs.

Meaning Behind Angel Numbers According To Numerologists

There is a series of different angle numbers. Every person can or can not see different types of series or patterns of numbers. These patterns can mean different things, as every series of numbers holds a different meaning. When you see these recurring numbers, you need to be open-minded to understand what signs is mother nature giving you. Below, I will explain the meanings behind every series of numbers that are most commonly seen.

1. 000 or 0000

According to many angel writers, and numerologists, 000 is a representation of spiritual guidance. This series means probably that whatever spiritual being or manifestation you believe in is guiding you. 0 is a number in numerology that deal with the start of something, so it can also mean that you are going to start something new in your life. It can also mean that now you are stable enough whether mentally, or emotionally to start something new and accept something new.

2. 111 or 1111

This number is a representation of something coming true. Many manifestation believers say that 111 depicts that it is time for your dreams to come true. If you see this number frequently, it can mean that you are on the way to prosperity. The interpretation also means that you should know that your spiritual power is there to guide you through the way to success. This is a sign to trust your instinct, believe in creation, and focus on yourself.

3. 222 or 2222

2 has always been a sign of balance and equality whether in numerology or in our daily life. If this number appears in front of you, again and again, it can mean that you are seeking balance. It can also mean that you are looking for peace and trust. In this case, it is better to deal with your inner thoughts and embrace the connections you are making. It can mean that you are at the start of something beautiful and harmonious in your life.

4. 333 or 3333

Though 3 is a rather odd number, it has a really interesting meaning among the series of angel numbers. According to The Secret of Tarot, this number links with creativity. Noticing this number means that it is time for you to connect and explore your inner gifts. This means that your guardian angel is guiding you to take the step forward and embrace your creativity. By leaning into your creativity you will learn more about life and what it has to offer.

5. 444 or 4444

This is an angel sign that links with stabilization, honesty, and inner wisdom. Seeing this sign means that you are in the phase of cultivating, and growing into something new and better than before. During this phase, you should not stop yourself from seeking guidance. You should also accept the struggles you have been through and praise yourself as you are moving towards stability.

6. 555 or 5555

Now, this is a thrilling series. The angel number 5 means that there is going to be a change in your horizons. You are going to face new changes and you should stay optimistic. Seeing these series means that your guardian angel is telling you that you are on the right path and that life is about to give you some new adventures.

7. 666 or 6666

This is a series that also goes by the name of “ The Number of the Beast “. Well, you should not be afraid of this number because of its name. This angel number has a rather exciting sign explanation in numerology. This angel number means that it is time for you to trust yourself instead of giving in to negative thoughts. This means that you should consciously and logically interpret the situation. And know that everything has its own meaning for happening and you should not doubt yourself.

8. 777 or 7777

7 has always been a lucky number whether among angel numbers or overall. This number in many religions is also seen as a sign of luck. If you are constantly seeing this number you should know to trust the process. It is a sign that something good is on its way to you. This angel number also means that it is time for you to seek out spiritual fulfillment in your life.

9. 888 or 8888

Among all the angel numbers, 8 is the most divine one and it is also associated with infinity. If you are seeing this number, it means that you are in spiritual balance. This angel number can also mean that you are getting help from your loved ones who have passed on. So whenever you should see this series of numbers know that you have a strong connection with the spiritual world.

10. 999 or 9999

9 a number of the ends. This angel number can be interpreted in two ways. The first way is that this number can mean the end of your life or soon your life is about to end. The second interpretation is that maybe one chapter of your life is about to end and you are to step into a new one. After all, after every nine comes a new start. Witnessing this number should not make you scared but prepare you for new beginnings.

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What is the purpose of angel numbers?

These numbers are the carriers of divine messages according to many numerologists. The purpose of these numbers is to guide you through the paths of life and give you acknowledgments. These numbers often appear in moments of doubt to help you out in life with their significant meanings.

Where do angel numbers come from?

If you look at ancient times, the concept of angel numbers originated there. The first concept was given by Pythagoras that all the existence of the real world revolves around the vibrations of numbers.

How do you get an angel number?

These numbers are not like the astrological signs or lucky numbers. Angel numbers are a sign from the divine or the universe to guide you through life. So if there is something whose answer you are looking for, you have to wait for your sign.


What is an Angel Number? This is a question that many people ask. There are times when we see recurring numbers while doing our work or taking a stroll. Those recurring numbers hold meaning in them, what could that be? To answer those queries I jotted down this whole guide about angel numbers and their significant messages to one from the divine.