Angel Number 155 – Meaning in Numerology

Updated on March 14, 2023

Do you believe in guardian angels? If not then let me tell you that they are always there protecting you and want to communicate with you through various terms and one of these are numbers. So don’t get worried if you are constantly seeing the number 155 as this can be a sign from your guardian and today I am here to drop the curtains from the meaning of this number and will let you know everything that you are seeking. Let’s begin then.

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Angel Number 155


As we all know that in counting forms number 1 comes on the top. So this combination of numbers 155, declares leadership, initiative, confidence, determination, and strength. While the number 5 declares life changes, not some ordinary changes that occur in our daily life but the big ones that are gonna change your point of view about life. It also indicates your life decisions, choices, and life lessons.

Basically, if we look into the meaning of these two numbers collectively and a little deeper we see that an angel guardian wants you to make your life decisions on your own. Your guardian angel wants you to not be confused with your decisions and don’t let anyone get involved. You have to make all the important decisions on your own and don’t ask anyone to guide you.

Angel guardian wants you to follow your intuition. For this, you have to let go of boundaries first. What feels right is right no matter how hard and complicated it is and what feels wrong is wrong no matter how simple it is. Just follow your intuition, not logic and science. You will definitely get to your purpose soon.

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By following your intuition and listening to your inner self you will soon achieve what you were really seeking for years. Positive changes will occur in your life after patience, no time is defined when, but ultimately you will get everything. You just have to believe in yourself and keep on going without making any complaints.

Basically, you have to remain positive throughout the journey and have confidence in what you are doing. Don’t let yourself be in control of others anymore. Angel number 155 is a sign that you stay strong enough so that you can make all of your decisions on your own. With a positive mind and optimistic thoughts, you will definitely get success with this mindset.

But some people say that it’s just a superstitious thing to believe in numbers. They also say that seeing such numbers is just a coincidence. But what if it’s a sign from the universe? What if the universe is trying to contact you? Well nobody knows what the reality is, but there is nothing wrong with keeping positive thoughts and moving forward.

So whether it’s superstitious or not, always keep an optimistic approach. Don’t let anything take over you. Always remember that you are a beautiful soul and you will become what you feed to your soul. If you feed negative energy to your soul then ultimately you will become a negative person with negative vibes, but if you feed positivity to your soul then you will become more beautiful.

Embrace the changes that are going to happen in your life. Let things flow and accept that everything is happening for a reason and stay strong. What is yours will reach you at the right time just let the time unfold itself but during this time keep patience and stay optimistic.

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If you are seeing the number 155 everywhere, just don’t get worried. Believe that it’s the sign from your angel guardian that you are soon going to be successful. But for this, you have to follow your inner self and stop relying on anyone around you. You will soon see positive changes in your life that will change your mindset forever.