353 Angel Number – [ Meaning & Symbolism ]

Updated on March 14, 2023

Are you searching for the meaning of the 353 angel number? Our guardian angels send us messages, they cannot communicate like humans so they show us some significant numerical symbols. These numerical symbols are actually an important message about your life. If you keep seeing 353 angel numbers then it is not a coincidence, there is a secret message for you.

Each numeral symbol has more than one meaning, the person who is seeing the angel number has to understand the meaning, according to the current situation of his life. 3 is repeated twice in 353 angel number with vibrations of 5. We will understand the meaning by interpreting each number separately.

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353 Angel Number

Interpretation of Number 3

3 signifies that your dreams are about to manifest. Manifestation is a process in which you imagine a scenario about your goals. After a specific period, the imagination becomes part of your reality. It says that you should not stop dreaming and imagining yourself in the desired situation. Your positive behavior and your efforts will be recognized. You are going on the right path, do not turn back otherwise, you will lose all the gifts.

It is a message that the ascended angels are around you to help you. You should not worry about the miseries in your life. God is sending help, you need to fight all these problems. Do not lose hope because hopelessness is a sin. You have faced a tough time in the past but now all of your goals will be achieved. You need to stay positive and eliminate all the negativity.

Interpretation of Number 5

Number 5 resonates with positive changes in your life. It says that your life is about to change in the near future. The change is positive so do not worry about the situations you are facing now. Ups and downs are part of our life, accept them and try to change the situation. The ascended angels will help you in all the procedures of change.

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God loves all his children, you should have a strong faith in the plans of God. The change will give you a new life full of positive energy. The change will appear as misery in the initial days but after some time you will understand the reasons behind it. There is always a reason behind the plans of God and you need to trust in God. Strong faith will provide you more power to fight all the miseries in your life.

Overall Interpretation

The change is due to your positive attitude in your life. You should maintain your optimistic attitude. God knows that you are a pure soul with an abundance of patience. He tests you and blesses you with rewards. You are a grateful person and you always stay positive in the hard times. God loves your optimistic traits that’s why positive change is about to occur in your life.

If you are in a relationship, the 353 angel number signifies that you are a creative person and have good skills to manage the relationship. It says that you will experience a slight change in the behavior of your partner. Your partner may tend to behave a little oddly. Over time, this negative behavior of your partner will increase. 353 wants to tell you that when you observe all these behaviors in your partner, you should think about making a tough decision regarding the relationship.

The major changes will occur in your career life. Some of your colleagues will leave the company and you will have new colleagues. 353 says that your boss will behave better than before and you will have an increment in your salary.

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What does 353 mean in the dreams?

If you see 353 numerical symbols in the dream, it means there is a significant positive change about to happen in your life. You are a patient person, so God will reward you with some incredible gifts.

What does 353 mean spiritually?

353 is a sign of positive change in your life, you will experience some ups and downs regarding your relationship and you will have increments in your salary.

Why do I keep seeing 353 every day?

Angels communicate through some numerical symbols such as 555, 444, or 353. If you notice 353 repeatedly, the angels want to deliver a message that you should keep faith in God because your dreams are about to manifest. There will be some positive changes in your life.


The difference between a believer and a non-believer is faith. The power of faith is above all the powers in the universe. Keep faith in God and accept the changes as good turns in your life. Do not feel bad about losing something because there is always a price of change. If you want to make your life more prosperous and full of blessings then trust in the plans of God.