131 Angel Number – Meaning in Numerology

Updated on March 14, 2023

Are you searching for the meaning of 131? You may be seeing 131 repeatedly like when you look at the time it is 1:31 or your car number plate is GFD 131. By all means, you see 131 regularly and you never thought that there could be a meaning behind it. 131 is an angel number. Angel numbers are actually messages sent by angels with a specific number. These numbers have a deep-down message.

Remember not every number is an angel number. The special number or numbers you see daily without any reason like if you are going in the metro and the passenger limit is 82 people per bus. And as you get out of the metro you see the rescue helpline number is 82. There are chances that 82 is the angel number.

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131 Angel Number

Another fact is angel number is not related to the zodiac signs like libra or neither the stars. These numbers are natural. There could be different meanings for an angel number. For example, 111 means enlightenment but there could be different meanings for you like happiness. So the numbers are dependent on the situation you are facing now.

Signs of Number 1

The 131 angel number is made of 3 numbers. Each number has its own meaning and the amalgamation of these three numbers creates a path for you. Let’s break down the parts of the number and find their meanings. 1 represents assertiveness and self-leadership. It is a sign of motivation, instinct, initiative, and intuition. In short, right now you are going on the right path. You have a positive aura as well as motivating and inspiring other people.

Your estimations are right and you can estimate very accurately. Your start-ups lead you towards success and progress. The more you progress, the more you get help from the angels for your goals. Interpreting number 1 in depth shows that you are well aware of the realities that you create in your own world with the thoughts you have. In simple meaning, the angels want to remind you that you are creating your own reality with your thoughts and actions.

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The things you are experiencing and feeling now, no one can understand them. Angel wants you to think positively and stay relaxed because the pains and aches are for a limited time. It is telling that you are feeling pain because of your own beliefs and the beliefs are based on your thoughts. If you change your thoughts you can change your beliefs and beliefs have a direct relation with your actions. Otherwise, the progress you have made with so much effort will demolish gradually and your efforts will have no use.

Signs of Number 3

Then comes number 3. Number 3 is related to energy, broad-mindedness, and principles of increase. It is a sign of growth. The purpose of number 3 is to show you that you are growing and taking energy from all around you. It shows that the negative people have a negative aura and it creates a disturbance for you. So, you need to stay away from negativity and turn people’s negativity into positivity by inspiring and motivating them to stay happy and relaxed.

Mindfulness is the shield to protect yourself from negative thoughts. If you do not have any idea about mindfulness then you should know mindfulness is the state of mind in which you investigate each thought which pops up in your mind. The purpose of mindfulness is not to stop the negative thoughts because they are part of our nature but mindfulness leads you to reduce the effect of negative thoughts. Mindfulness enables your mind to understand that negative thoughts are just illogical perceptions.

Number 3 is also interpreted as the sig manifesting and manifestation. Manifestation is a technique in which you turn your dreams or wishes into reality. For example, you ask for a car from the universe and the universe gives it to you. There are different methods of meditating manifestation and all of those methods lead you toward your goals. It is also part of the law of attraction that what you are looking for the object is also finding you too.

Lastly, the number 3 is the sign that the ascended masters are around you when you ask for help. The ascended masters such as Jesus, Gautama Buddha, and Mother Mary. Although there are more than 10 ascended masters who came into this world with the human body and experienced a series of spiritual changes. The ascended master provides you help and in heartaches, the ascended masters prompt a divine spark within you.

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Overall Interpretation

131 is the number of hope, energy, enthusiasm, creativity, and connection with the divine. Angels are sending a message that you are going on the right path and you should keep your steps ahead. Do not turn back, face all the miseries and hug all the broken people. You have the ability to lead and change the attitudes of the people. Your positive aura inspires others to stay calm when they are around you.

Your angels send the message to stay focused on your goals. If you commit any mistake then forgive yourself. Do not blame people for your failures nor blame yourself because there is a reason for every happening in your life. If you blame others you have not started your journey, if you blame yourself you are halfway but if you blame no one you have completed your journey.

The 131 angel number is a sign to reach harmony in your life. 131 angel numbers teach that we create our own realities. All sources of pain are inside us, not outside of us. If one wants pain proof then he/she needs to stop expecting from the people. It is not the people who give us pain but our own expectations about them. 131 is the massage to stay out of your comfort zone and change your life with all your positivity.


What does 131 mean in the Bible?

Elija ben Solomon, known as the Vilna Gaon, narrates that 131 is the number of trust in God. He further clears that trust in God like a newly born baby has no worry about the next milk. The same goes with the man he should also not worry about problems when he trusts in God.

What does 131 mean spiritually?

131 means reaching harmony in your life, staging motivation for your goals, and your wish will turn into reality soon. It also represents the ascended masters who are around you when you ask for help. It’s a sign of encouragement and creativity.

Why do I keep seeing 131 every day?

If you keep seeing 131, your angels are sending you a message. 131 possesses powerful energy. There are several questions you should answer like leave the past behind, find the beauty in your heart, and you are protected from all miseries.


The angel number 131 has a long interpretation. There are different meanings for 131 according to your situation. For example, if you are facing some misery then it means you should go through it because peace is on the other side of this path. If you are in a relaxed state then it is a sign of keeping yourself positive and becoming a leader of the others because you are on the level where ascended masters come to help you.